How Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks Can Affect You

The following statements may help you to identify how anxiety is affecting you. If these statements resonate with you then talking to a counsellor is the most effective treatment and direction you can take.  

  • I’m short of breath
  • My concentration is off
  • I worry obsessively
  • Constant headaches, tension
  • I’m tired all day 
  • & I’m wide awake at night
  • I’m irritable and impatient
  • Everything is ‘worst possible case’
  • I feel a wave of panic
  • I don’t know when it will strike
  • I’m afraid to leave the house
  • I can’t breath, I can’t hear
  • I’m short tempered
  • Everything is negative

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest in the body and in the mind. Most people experience anxiety at various points in their life and at varied levels of severity.

Some people experience anxiety for short periods of time (like a panic attack) or for longer periods of time (like a sense of unease or worry that lasts for days or weeks). Often the symptoms develop slowly. How these symptoms are experienced varies from person to person. Ask Yourself – How does Anxiety effect you?

How I Can Help

How can counselling & psychotherapy help with Anxiety, Panic attacks, Feeling Overwhelmed or Helpless, Coping with change and unforeseen challenges, Phobias, Fear of Losing Control?

While in counselling you and I will explore new, safe and creative alternatives to the challenges, thought processes and management of the symptoms to help you cope with your anxiety.