In Your Own Time

Bereavement may be the most personal experience you will have in your lifetime. How you grieve is completely unique to you. 

If you are reading this section then you probably have lost someone important to you, or it is likely that you are facing a bereavement.

You might want to know how to prepare yourself for an expected loss and the events and challenges which inevitably you will face. 

Counselling supports and encourages the experience and expression of all that you are feeling. It can offer you a private space as you come to terms with the loss of that relationship, and as you witness the wider impact it can have on other relationships.

Each person’s experience is highly personal and unfolds in an unique way. There is no agenda and no timetable for grieving. In your own time, you grieve.

In my practice as a counsellor I have witnessed the process of grieving a person goes through after a loved one or a significant person has died. I have also sat with individuals who were anticipating the death of a loved one as they prepare themselves for the loss and the grieving that is to come. 

Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement counselling can offer support as you try to manage and cope with the all the adjustment and change. Like the stress and challenges of the funeral arrangements and the rituals of saying goodbye, or your family communications and expectations.

Counselling can also provide a place to talk about your experiences in the aftermath of a bereavement as you move through feelings like immense sadness, solitude and loss.