Understanding Relationships, Couples and Family Counselling

We are all born into relationships. From the mother or carer who first held you, to the boy or girl you shared a desk with on the first day of school. Many of us find that we are already committed to or invested in another long before we realise that we also need to be committed to or invested in ourselves. Whether it is a partner, a wife, a sibling, a child or a person in need of care, we also need to have a relationship with our self. A ‘me’ relationship. 

How I Can Help

with Relationships, Couples and Family Counselling

Relationship difficulties manifest for many reasons. How we interpret, engage with and come to terms with these difficulties can feel like a complex and emotional challenge.

Some of the skills we learned from our caregivers, parents, guardians and peers may need retuning, renewing or rethinking –  depending on the experiences we encounter with another. How these skills are used and relied upon also change (and need to change) as we move through the different stages of our lifetime.


Think about how you relate to your self. What you think and feel about your self? How do you experience your self in the world, with the people you have encountered in the various stages of your lifetime so far.

This relationship with your self already exists, it is the relationship you have come to know and rely on. It informs and affects how you relate, interact, enjoy, nurture, and evolve with the people in your life. 

“Negotiating your needs with someone else requires a skill set that does not come naturally, it is learned and it is taught.

Most people will at some stage find themselves in a relationship which is having difficulties. Rarely is the road continuously smooth. Life will inevitably present relationship challenges which will test the deepest faculties of who you are as an intelligent, emotional, feeling, thinking individual. 

Communication breaks down, patterns reemerge, mistakes are made, arguments replace conversations, boundaries are not respected, trust is lost. 

Counselling will offer support and impartiality to individuals, couples and families to help understand and resolve these difficulties in a confidential, non-directive and neutral environment.